Westhampton on Grove is a mixed-use redevelopment of the Westhampton Theater and Long & Foster properties at 5706 & 5702 Grove Avenue in Near West End of Richmond.    

Westhampton on Grove is the result of over 18 months of community outreach, careful planning, thoughtful design, and cooperation with neighborhood businesses and residents to breathe new life into a legacy property and to set a benchmark of quality for future development in our neighborhood.  The design team's goal is to create a high quality mixed-use project that serves the residents and businesses in Westhampton, while complimenting and strengthening the scale and character of the community surrounding it.

The ground floor primarily consists of service retail and restaurants, including Taste Unlimited, Mango Salon and Long & Foster Real Estate.  The 2nd floor is designated as class A office space, while the 3rd floor is allocated for luxury residences.   

Consistent with the Community Commercial designation under the City of Richmond Master Plan, the City’s comment letter, & input from the surrounding community, our team has revised previous plans to lower the height of the proposed buildings from 4 stories to 3 stories, while providing high quality materials, undulating facades, detailed fenestration and varying heights, all of which reinforce and are consistent with the existing scale and character of the commercial corridor. 

The proposed development serves the shopping and service needs of residents of nearby neighborhoods, supports existing businesses, and does so with a pedestrian-oriented design.  Taken in concert, the mix of uses, design, and scale of the proposed project strengthens the existing fabric of the Libbie and Grove corridor.

All of the proposed uses are permitted pursuant to the Urban Business district regulations and, consistent with, and in deference to, the gradual and organic evolution of uses that define the character of the area.  As such, we are requesting a Special Use Permit to increase the height for a 3rd story over a portion of the project and to vary the project setbacks as reflected in the revised plans.  Not only are the increased building heights compatible with existing commercial structures, they also comply with district zoning regulations identified as appropriate for land use pursuant to the Master Plan designation for Community Commercial.    

Plans for Westhampton on Grove may be downloaded on the PROJECT PLANS page.

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